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Sunog Rarities

Common Sunog
Uncommon Sunog
Rare Sunog
Mythic Rare Sunog
Legendary Sunog

Sunog Stats & Abilities

Race: Beings

Summon cost: 4 Mana

  • Common 4/4
  • Uncommon 4/5
  • Rare 5/5

When Sunog attacks deal 1 damage to target entity or player.

  • Mythic Rare 5/6

When Sunog attacks deal 2 damage to target entity or player.

  • Legendary 6/6

When Sunog attacks deal 2 damage to up to two target entities or players.

Sunog Rarity Weight

  • Common: 1
  • Uncommon: 6
  • Rare: 32
  • Mythic Rare: 170
  • Legendary: 900

Lore story

A boy sat and watched as the house burned. He was the king’s son; how could he be rejected? The screams of the people in the barricaded house sounded like a beautiful melody to him. All he wanted was just a kiss. A kiss from a little girl who was too shy.

At first his love for fire terrified him, but over time he let it guide him. While the other village boys were burning ants, Simon set fire to the house where the girl he liked lived with her family. He had tried to kiss her a few days before, but she flinched. She had never kissed a boy before, let alone a future king. The next day, when she woke up, she found her dog hanged in the backyard.

Simon had always had very sadistic tendencies. But it was tolerated, he was a son of a king after all. A stupid king who taught his son since birth, that one day his power would be almost unlimited. But Simon realized at an early age that he was almost untouchable already.

So, he stood there watching. Not only did she not understand the warning, she had even moved further away from him after that day. This was the first time Simon had committed murder, but in this peaceful empire it was attributed to an unfortunate accident.

For several years Simon would get away with small and large fires which were attributed to accidents. It never occurred to anyone that the future king would ravage his own country. And the older Simon got, the more his madness evolved. Over time Simon founded his own gang of companions with whom he terrorized the population. Robbing, bullying and taking women against their will was an everyday occurrence. People tried to find help from their king Theodore, but he was too stupid, blind and would downplay the accusations. “It’s just a boy, he’s having fun.” he said.

One day, while walking through the woods, Simon and his gang ran into a grandmother in the woods. They started shoving her and the grandmother fell to the ground. The hay she carried to the horses on her back scattered around her. Simon took out his flint and set the hay on fire. It ignited immediately. Grandma caught on fire and Simon just stood there and watched the situation in fascination. A mad smile appeared on his face. That was too much for his companions, who started running. One returned for Simon and dragged him from the scene. That day a fire broke out in the forest so huge that it took many days to put it out. And the Mekveti people attributed it to an ordinary fire that broke out every few years due to high temperatures.

One of Simon’s companions was sitting in a pub. Although he himself enjoyed occasional bullying, this was too much for him. He sat overwhelmed and drank the classic Mekveti wine. Then one of the villagers sat down next to him and tried to cheer him up. And he told him, he told him who was behind the fire in the forest. That it wasn’t nature itself, but that Simon had caused it.

At that time misfortune began to spread throughout Mekveti. A huge army of undead stood in front of the portal that led to Arljan. King Theodor was among the first to escape as the climate began to change. However, Simon remained, though at the time he had no interest in the throne and the empire, which was about to be destroyed just as the ancient prophecy foretold.

It was about an hour before dawn, suddenly a loud, mad laugh echoed between the houses. Simon held a torch in each hand, and with a mad look he began to march from house to house, setting it on fire. People looked out the windows in disbelief. So much spite and anger in one person. A crowd of villagers armed with pitchforks and spears formed around him. Simon ran through a few of the people with his sturdy body. As he ran, he tossed the torches into the house next to him, which ignited quickly. The crowd rushed after him. It started raining. He wanted to escape to a portal that would get him out of the Mekveti realm. He was just about to jump into the portal when it had shattered into a few small pieces right in front of his eyes.

A confused expression replaced his crazy smile. His hands tried to reach where the portal had been just a few seconds ago. But nothing was there. He stepped away from the portal when a piece of spear suddenly ran through his body. More and more blows pierced his body until he slumped to the ground. The last thing he saw was a city being cleansed of his taint by rain.

They simply let his body rot there for he did not deserve anything better. A few days later a group of children had fun jumping over the fire. They sang a song about the cruel Simon, who was put out forever. The moment one of the children jumped over the fire, a fiery hand erupted from the flames and pulled the boy into the fire. The hand held the child with immense force until the boy turned to coal. People just watched in disbelief; their parents’ cries echoing throughout the city. They knew it was revenge for Simon’s death.

They set up a pyre and placed Simon’s rotting body on it. The fire was burning to great heights when it suddenly seemed to explode. Those who stood near the fire were thrown to the ground. People looked through their hands at the huge light coming from the fire and the figure that loomed in it. After his death, Simon transformed into a demon, whom they later came to call Sunog. Everything he touched would ignite. He went through the whole city and completed the destruction, which he started as a human being. The whole city burned down that evening and dozens of people with it.

Over time, Sunog learned to control his powers. He was able to prompt people to commit arson. He tortured them in their dreams. He tortured them until he forced them to do what he himself wanted. Some obeyed, some committed suicide, and some went insane. He later passed through the portal to Arljan, where he chooses victims who live alone so he could slowly drive them to madness.

“He could smell burnt flesh. He walked around the apartment and sniffed every room. Origin of the smell was untraceable in his house so he opened a window and took a breath of fresh air to see if his neighbors were perhaps roasting something, but that wasn’t it. And that night he had that dream. People were burning, their screams ringing in his ears. He stood nearby and saw everything from the first-person view. Even though he knew in his subconscious that it was only a dream, he could not leave it. Actually, it wasn’t a dream, it was a nightmare and very much a real one. He had never seen a man burn; he had never heard such mournful cries as in that dream. As if he’d seen it many times. Horrific burning of people and their suffering in great detail in front of his eyes.

He woke up, he was sweaty and could smell the stench again. The dream was so terrible that he was deprived of his senses all day and did not want to fall asleep in the evening. Despite his attempt to stay awake, fatigue caught up with him and he fell asleep. And the dream came again. An old woman lying on the ground who could not rise and a fire approaching her. Although this scenario could actually take a few minutes, it took hours inside a dream. And then night after night, those dreams kept coming back to him.

He could never rest; sleep deprivation quickly drove him insane. After only a few days, he reached the point where he was sitting in the corner of the house, swaying in place and his tired eyes twitching around the room. He didn’t eat, he didn’t drink, he just mumbled to himself. The stench was too strong.

It was at this time that Sunog decided to speak to him for the first time. He heard his voice clearly in his head. The man felt the desire, a strong desire to set everything on fire. He had to let everyone burn, or the demon Sunog would never stop chasing him, ever. Trying to knock the voices out of his head, he stood up and tossed a giant vase into the air as if aiming at someone. “Leave me alone!!” he shouted into the void, plugging his ears and sliding to the ground. He started crying until he fell asleep and the dreams came back again. Burning people and their screams. This went on for several days. Voices haunted him during the day, horrible dreams tormented him at night.

He couldn’t stand it, so he picked up a torch and went outside. However, the city guard noticed him in time. Madman with a torch in his hand. He stopped and tried to torch one of the houses in Arljan. The guard immediately drew his bow, shot, and the arrow pierced his heart. At last, the dead man was calm and the voices in his head stopped coming once and for all.”




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