Mana Introduction

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Mana Rarities

Common Beings Mana
Uncommon Beings Mana
Rare Beings Mana
Mythic Rare Beings Mana

Mana Stats & Abilities

  • Mana is equivalent to the resource of power.
  • Mana cost is the equivalent of the price of the card.
  • Mana and coins are the two main types of resources. Mana represents energy and coins can be collected and used to level up locations with buildings.
  • Common

Common mana produces one energy.

  • Uncommon

Uncommon mana produces one energy and one coin.

  • Rare

Rare mana produces one energy and two coins.

  • Mythic Rare

Mythic rare mana produces two energy and two coins.

Mana Rarity Weight

  • Common: 1
  • Uncommon: 6
  • Rare: 32
  • Mythic Rare: 170

Lore Story

Region Gleyseyer

Region Gleyseyer

A wonderful empire located on a small island that prospered until 517. This land prospered in the constant state of summer with occasional warm springs. This empire was ruled by foolish kings of House Lentus, who had little ambition. These pacifists’ kings did little harm to the country’s prosperity, so there was peace.

During the early years, the empire was called Mekveti. Due to beautiful weather, flora and fauna prospered. Both common and exotic fruits were found everywhere in generous amounts. And the exotic fruit made this empire rich because they could export these fruits to other empires, especially to the elven realm Valyar. They also grew olives and potatoes.

Thanks to the beautiful weather and the enormous number of fruits, the people of Mekvetu did not need to bother building expansive manors to live in, they were content with small shacks. There were perhaps more animals in this small empire than in all of Arljan, and everyone in Mekvet could fish. They would go fishing in large rivers and lakes, which were plentiful in this empire. The Mekveti hosted an annual fishing competition which was known around the world of Eros, and hundreds of creatures regularly came every year to take part in this competition, or at least to enjoy the festivities. All the fish caught were then processed and served at a huge feast that fed almost all the families in Mekveti. To show gratification, the people of this empire were forbidden to fish for three full moons, and people would throw fish food into the waters.

There were also many places where visitors from other realms could rest and relax. These shelters were expensive but they would offer visitors an endless amount of food, rest and a comfortable spa to clean yourself. If you wanted to rest in Mekveti, you had to state the amount of money you intended to spend here. If you do not spend this amount, all your finances will be checked before you leave and you must pay the difference to the royal treasury. These funds are then distributed among the poor.

To spend a holiday in this place you would have to wait in long queues. The Mekveti, of course, would prioritize those who planned on spending more money. The portal was open to everyone only during the festivities. If you wanted to sneak in here during the festival and stay in Mekveti illegally, you would be found soon thanks to the wizards. You would have to serve community service and then you would still be sent back to your empire with banning entry to future celebrations. People from other realms had no idea that wizards here were specially trained to find people who did not leave in time. Moreover, if you managed to hide from the wizards, the bureaucracy in Mekveti was so perfect that they would come to you just as quickly. And even if you still managed to hide from authorities, the people are happy to turn you in in exchange for a substantial reward. During every celebration there are enough people trying to stay and hide in Mekveti, that none of the inhabitants of Mekveti have to clean up anywhere. They would always use these trespassers for such menial tasks.

Spas are located on every corner and any gentleman could have fun with the girls in brothels. However, the girl could always choose her client, unlike the pleasure houses in other empires such as Arljan. Their services were also much more expensive. Every man in the Mekveti empire wanted to have one of these girls at home. Only the most experienced and beautiful of girls were selected as companions for these establishments. These girls would have to spend time learning languages, reading, writing and learning how to take care of their beauty years before they would be presented. Without prejudice, each of them could reach high society and, if she wanted to, she could marry very well. One such woman was Corin, who married a wealthy merchant.

The inhabitants of Mekveti celebrated often. Their wine was the sweetest and most expensive in the entire world of Eros. Other empires would spend great fortunes trying to secure this wine, however in Mekvet, this wine flowed in almost every household. Its export was illegal, if you were not authorized to do so, you were threatened with banishment from the empire for selling it to other realms.

Often alcohol was not enough, so a drug called Cyfur was legally sold in the Mekveti world. However, in other realms, these drugs were banned. Even though they had so many options, people were taught to value their lives and their health. There was no reason to drink or snort Cyfur too much. If one of the citizens became unhappy, the whole village or town had a plan to please and cheer up this one sad individual. Sometimes it was dwarf races, other times turtle races. Also, professional help for the soul was free of charge for everyone.

The dwarves raced voluntarily. It was a huge spectacle. People were always most amused whenever a dwarf would fall off his horse. They were always dressed in a soft, durable material, thanks to which the fall from the horse did not harm them in any way. The horse was always trained to wait and all the spectators around were divided into several sectors in the track. If a dwarf fell off a horse near your sector, you had the honor of picking him up and putting him back on the horseback. The dwarves stood on horses. These dwarves were celebrities in the Mekveti world, they were amongst the highest societal circles and one of the richest people. In Baragor, the realm of the dwarves, however, they were greatly ridiculed.

Deaths were rare in Mekveti. Higher wizards, who had a high knowledge of spells regarding healing were on every corner and were highly esteemed. They treated every injury be it a child’s injured knee or a crushed spine.

Despite all of these beautiful things, the Mekveti had some rather strict rules. Getting here and living here was almost impossible if you came from other realms. The few possibilities were marrying someone from Mekveti, inventing, or knowing something that was needed on Mekveti. There was a one child policy and should you want another, you had to have a considerable amount of money. If you still had a second child, your family would be expelled. In such cases, however, the whole village or the neighbors of the city often came together to contribute a sufficient amount.

There were strict rules and cruel penalties for transgressions. If you killed someone, you were expelled, and all your property had been confiscated. If you saw someone lying drunk on the ground, you had to take care of him. Meaning you had to offer a shelter to a complete stranger for the night and prepare food for him so that he could revitalize sooner. For every small transgression, you were threatened with banishment. These rules naturally did not apply for the royal family or the very, very rich.

Refugees could stay in Mekveti for one month. Then three options were presented to you. Either you married someone, or a wealthy family could keep you as unpaid servants, for which they provided you with a roof over your head and food. In the third case, you were given enough food and a small amount of money and you were sent to seek happiness in another realm.

However, the most amazing thing in Mekveti was Mount Meno. A mountain that soaked up so much energy during the Dance of the Titans with wizards, that it turned its stone in the caves into a moonstone. This stone had such tremendous energy that it gave the wizards great power and the warriors agility and strength. Although they had a huge quantity, they only exported it in small amounts outside of Mekveti. This stone is the most expensive raw material in the world, Eros.

However, a turning point occurred In 517. All portals closed in a few weeks. The richest fled when the people of Mekveti began to feel a change. Most of them fled to Valyar and Andomine. The first to be shattered was the portal that connected the Mekveti with the beings who sowed happiness, joy, and prosperity across the earth. This gave way to the endless passage of the evil Arnhal creatures, who began to spread throughout Mekveti. Many people stayed here when the last portal shattered because they did not want to leave their country and also did not believe that destruction could come, although soothsayers had predicted this destruction for many centuries.

The empire became shrouded in white darkness and the green fields quickly began to turn white. The animals froze and the fruits of the earth died with them. The ponds turned to ice, and people had no choice but to hide at home and wait for help. However, help did not come until three hundred years later.

People froze to death and starved. Wealthier families were looted and massacred for their supplies. In most cases these supplies had been miniscule. The inhabitants of Mekveti were used to fresh food being available all the time so they did not store food for later use.

The last portal was closed in 517 and in 521 the last human being died on Mekveti. But many dead people have never found rest. Maybe due to great emotions, maybe also due to the moonstone, some of them were reborn out of great pain, but no longer as humans.

When the new portal was opened by the witch Cassidy around the year 800, nobody called this empire Mekveti anymore. It was renamed to Gleysyer. Few adventurers tried to plunder the moonstone in Mekveti. However, the vast majority never returned when they met beings in Gleysyer who had been reborn from people who had died in a fit of grief, fear, or anger.

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