What makes our product unique?

Innovation and pioneer vision of Tayarra

Connecting the dots between crypto gaming and eSport…

GameFi, NFTs, and P2E absolutely blasted through the crypto space last year. We’ve seen projects like SKILL, ALU, AXS, ILV, DERC, and others gaining massive traction and popularity. Since then a lot of projects started competing inside the GameFi niche. Having said that crucial question needs to be answered.

  • eSport and Crypto Gaming

The whole team and especially the founders of Tayarra have both direct and indirect experience with eSport. Either by playing on a semipro-pro level, managing gaming organizations, or organizing high-end broadcasted and commented tournaments with a large audience. The team of Tayarra is able to perform world-class eSport tournaments. Take a look!

Unreal Studios Settings
High Quality Gear
Ready for action!
Caster/Analyst Desk 1.
Caster/Analyst Desk 2.
Professional Staff and Production

In the project of Tayarra, we are highly passionate about eSport and firmly believe that we will be able to connect the dots between the mainstream eSport and Crypto Gaming. We want to launch our tournaments and build a studio of ours to establish GameFi outside the crypto and lead the way toward the eSport audience.

NFTs Utility Tied To The Token

When we were thinking about the early utility of the NFTs we kept in mind that the early-stage investors are taking the highest risk and they must be rewarded with the added benefits and tweaks to the NFTs overlapping to the planned token, game, or raffles.

The features of NFTs cover:

✅ The first two editions are going to receive a special airdrop of Tayarra tokens.
✅ The first two NFT editions are going to have elevated raffle weight.
✅ Access to the private sale of the token dedicated solely to NFT holders.
✅ Animated Legendary cards.

With development continued we also plan to integrate NFTs into the tier system of the gaming launchpad. The staking in our mystery pools will have places reserved exclusively for the holders of NFTs based on their wallet weight. In every aspect of the ecosystem, we integrate all of our products.

Professional Tayarra Stylized Art

Project Tayarra focuses on unified hand-drawn digital art with the touch of fantasy and anime. For the artists, each card is valued equally and treated with respect. Our team of artists with CDO Donyk and CDO Jay are working daily towards a unified, specific art style of Tayarra. Each artist comments on each other artwork with feedback. This is how is the brand of Tayarra created. Unique style with an ambitious vision.

CDO Donyk giving feedback.

Our artists are carefully picked via prolonged test time and consistent work. Not all of them are lucky enough or fitting to be part of the team, that is the harsh quality of careful hiring.

Our art team is elegant, yet hard working. Every day regular meetings or interactions happen. The reward for the demand is professional art in every single card we create…

Lore and Branding Strategies

With the emergence of GameFi and tough competition, it is necessary to have a story behind the brand, the story behind Tayarra. The journey into the “fantasy” started 7 months ago. Once we started creating the world of Eros we couldn’t stop, we identified with our roles, creators.

CEO Elnen says: “ Stories behind the brands are crucial. They connect the community, managers, and employees with the product itself. They are vital to growth and success. The first time we met Cilia with my partner Meldon, we immediately recognized the potential and knew we need to have her on board.”

Cilia is on a deeper level story listener, an observer, taking notes of what is ongoing underneath the surface of the Tayarras team. She is constantly looking to build the company’s culture, promote the product and intertwine all the people inside the teams and connect those characters, and narratives with the community also. She cooperates with our CDO to intertwine the art and lore behind the project of Tayarra with the whole artist team. Her creativity brings new ideas and connects the dots between all the individual parts of the project, making the Tayarra whole. Thus thanks to teamwork our Lore is endowed with professional qualities. Simply once you start reading, you can’t stop, being fully emersed in the Tayarra.

We are fully aware that a game without the community and a Lore story is a dead one. This is a challenge we need to overcome every day. Our task is to build community and learn about Tayarra, incentivize in reading lore and deliver a quality product while keeping promises. We want our community to live and breathe with our stories and the world of Tayarra just as we have managed to do in our everyday life.

Gameplay and Elevated P2E

Tayarra is infused with various addictive styles of gameplay such as PVP, F2P, & tournaments with massive rewards! All are guaranteed to keep users immersed & engaged in active gameplay for hours on end. We wanted to take a step forward and think outside the box of a common P2E style. We developed tiers rewarding gamers for their collections. Lastly, the gameplay of Tayarra was created in order to fulfill all the needs of eSport overlap and interpretation.

Mystery Staking Pools

Creating incentivizing and rewarding staking is not an easy task. Under the discussion, we developed a few ideas that we crystalize and build on every day. With the token release, we plan to launch a unique staking system with a random logic contribution. You never know which pool is going to be acquired to your stake. The system will secure an easy yet manageable system of tiered staking ranging from average up to extreme APY. Each pool is going to have a limited number of places and a fair amount is going to be reserved for NFT holders.

Gaming Launchpad

With our experience from within a launchpad itself, we have managed to learn the basics of a launchpad function theory and which aspects drive the average launchpad to a remarkable startup business with a community-driven force and trust.

With the project of Tayarra, we want to develop a launchpad backed by a strong community, heavily vetted projects, and learn the gaming side of the crypto about the public presales and how one could benefit from such IDO. It is important to note that both the token and NFTs are going to be counted towards the final tiers.

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A series of professional hand-drawn NFTs and anime fantasy card game built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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A series of professional hand-drawn NFTs and anime fantasy card game built on the Binance Smart Chain.